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Q: What are social signals?

A: A Social Signal is an industry term for anytime your website is mentioned on social networks like Facebook. There is more than one form of social signal, including “liking” a page, “voting” on a link, or “sharing” the link with your friends. If you use any major social network, then you’re probably familiar with social signals and have probably created some yourself.

Q: What’s so special about social signals?

A: Over the years, the search engine algorithms have evolved to try to root out spam sites that try to abuse their system. They have issued updates that target spun content and certain types of link building practices. In turn, SEOs and internet marketers have begun using more sophisticated techniques such as link wheels, link pyramids, uniquely spun content and diversified link structures. Recently, Google has admitted that social signals are the newest element in their algorithm. The engineers at Google (rightfully) believe that any website that is truly popular and has a lot of backlinks MUST by definition have lots of social signals as well. Testing has shown that social signals now account for as much as 10% to 30% of offline SEO, and that is only growing.

Q: So how do you deliver these social signals?

A: Simple, we have a network of millions of users in all of the major social networks. These users will systematically share, like, and vote up your link randomly as long as you’re our customer. Search engines will pick up on these signals are deliver more authority to your website and the pages that are getting the attention.

Q: Are these users “real” or “fake”?

A: Its a mixture. The important thing is that the accounts are aged and active, so search engines wont know the difference. In addition, these accounts are associated with real users all the time, so real users will see your links and social signals and you will likely get traffic and real fans by using the system.

Q: Why can’t I do this myself?

A: Well, in theory, you can. But the amount of effort necessary in creating and maintaining thousands of accounts across dozens of social network platforms is a daunting task. Also, Matt Cutts and the Google team have repeated many times that not all social signals are created equal. Signals from more active and popular accounts are given more weight. Our network is made of up accounts that in some cases are many years old, and all are active and considered “high authority”.

Q: Do you give reports?

A: Absolutely. You will get weekly reports detailing all of the work that was done.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes, you can cancel at any time. Your monthly fee however, will not be prorated.

Q: Do you give refunds?

A: Yes. If you have a legitimate concern or reason to ask for a refund, we’ll be nice about it. Just don't be greedy.

Q: Do I need to make social profiles?

A: No, Social SEO Services delivers signals to your website, not social profiles (unless you give us social profiles instead of a website). We can sell fans and followers as well, but that is by special request.

Q: Do I need to install a social counter or buttons on my website?

A: You may, but it isn’t required to deliver the work. Some clients install counters so that they can keep track of social growth.

Q: Can I white label your service?

A: Absolutely. The reports from Social SEO Services can be edited to have your company information at the top The customer never has to know we exist!

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